Green Cum?????

Green Cum?????
The Scumbag Lounge Podcast
Green Cum?????

Aug 23 2023 | 01:06:18

Episode August 23, 2023 01:06:18

Show Notes

Hosts: 40Fonz & KStuckey


In the lounge today, Keke and Usher, two names you never thought would be caught in the trolling crossfire, are turning social media into a battleground. Former President Trump's recent claim that Fani Willis, a respected legal figure, has some interesting connections will have you raising an eyebrow. Can you believe the accusations of rappers and gang leaders? Find out why Gilbert's latest purchases have us all scratching our heads and wondering what in the world he's up to now. And if you thought celebrities couldn't surprise you anymore, think again. Taryn Manning is making waves with her eclectic array of activities. Get ready for a salad-tossing saga that leaves you both amused and bewildered. The Scumbags look forward to your feedback, so share your thoughts via email or social media.


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